An Introduction

Hi, I'm Sam 👋

I'm going to attempt to earn a living building and selling software products, working 25-hours or less a week. My background is in software engineering and I'm starting without an audience or a following.

In early 2018, I quit my software job. I'd fallen out of love with coding and needed a break. This lead to a year of travelling and paragliding, and made me re-evaluate how I want to live my life.

After a year off, my love for programming has returned but I dread the thought of returning to a full-time job. So with the savings I have left, I'm going to attempt to build and sell software products to avoid full-time work.

These are some of the ways I'm going to try to earn an income:

  • Publishing programming courses on Udemy
  • Launching software-as-a-service products
  • Writing code snippets for Code Canyon
  • Building a Shopify app
  • Selling stock photography
  • Trying my hand at affiliate marketing

I have no idea how any of these will turn out – I'm pretty much starting from scratch and I don't really know what I'm doing, except for the programming part, but I'm going to give it a shot.

I'll be writing about my experience bootstrapping these products as I go, with progress and income reports.

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